appearance / design notes


  • design on shirt isn't super important.
  • she's got slightly pronounced front teeth.
  • horizontal pupils while in true form
  • as a "human", she's not super consistent with her appearance and likes to experiment-- you can make slight differences with her design, like making her a bit taller, shorter, a little more masc, etc. color palette and general proportions always stay the same.
  • has freckles
  • as a human, she has albinism.
  • hair is in a half-up ponytail.

art gallery

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Best friend
Bailey's best friend in the world! These two are never without each other.
He reels in her bad ideas, and she encourages him to loosen up.



Trivia / extra facts

  • She's not a particularly strong demon. The extent of her powers seems to be very mild curses, weak mind control, shapeshifting, and pyrokinesis. Bailey is a little bit self conscious about how weak she is compared to other demons. Luckily, with a best friend as powerful as Osiris is, nobody dares to bother her about her shortcomings.
  • Both because shapeshifting is difficult for her and purely because she enjoys it, she sometimes changes up her appearance.
  • Bailey is better at blending in with humans socially than Osiris is, but she has a hard time keeping her human disguise consistent, and often slips into her true form when she's excited
  • She goes through jobs on earth on a very regular basis. Not because she's particularly bad at any of them, but she wants to try as many things as possible. Bailey really must be from hell to find minimum wage retail jobs so exciting...
  • Unlike Osiris, she only does unnecessary human behaviors like sleeping or eating recreationally when she feels like it.


GENDER, PRONOUNS girl, she/her/it
AGE many demon years...??? adult
OCCUPATIONS musician, misc odd jobs, hater


A problems-causing, chaos loving demon who got bored of hell and snuck to earth because she thinks humans are very entertaining. Bailey and her best friend Osiris spend most of their time on earth in human disguises, as some sort of elaborate joke on humanity as a whole. It's unclear to most how this is supposed to be funny, since for the most part they just live normal lives and do harmless pranks... But a demon's sense of humor is too complicated for a human to understand!!

She loves to inconvenience humans for fun to see their reactions, but ultimately Bailey is pretty harmless most of the time. At worst, she's just kind of annoying. She's usually in a good mood, since she's having so much fun with her big elaborate prank.