Dr. Morton

appearance / design notes


eye & face

  • Right eye is injured-- Small scar on his right cheek, traumatic cataract in that eye and the eyelid droops slightly from a nerve damage.
  • Hair is in dreadlocks, and go just past his ears.
  • Ears come to a slightly rounded point.
  • has dark circles around his eyes and slightly... desaturated? skintone. like he doesn't get out into the sun enough. he is kind of creepy looking. bit of a halloween decoration that got a wish vibe about him
  • single tiny gold hoop earring on his right side.
  • his clothes are generally a bit ratty and worn/patched back together, but he still clearly has a sense of style. he's not greatly wealthy or anything, but he dresses shabbily on purpose for the business angle of it.

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his DOG who he rescued from a nasty haunted ass house. the rare exception for his dislike of animals (and wariness that animals usually seem to have around him.)
party member
(character belongs to @awfulwizard on twitter)

they are friends! melvin isn't used to being around somebody so... earnest and good at heart...??? and finds Lalrune very entertaining, but doesn't mess with him TOO meanly/seriously. they are homeboys :)

party member
(character belongs to @PEACHVALENTlNE on twitter)

Ophelia is... unfortunately the exact kind of person Melvin would usually be swindling if he were back home, but he does seem to genuinely try not to bother her too much because of how skittish she is. Not on purpose, anyways. He's very bad at not being unsettling, and seems to only scare her more when he's genuinely trying to be comforting.

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(character belongs to @sabelaberry on twitter)

Being the way he is, Melvin naturally zeroed in on the most mysterious of his party members. Currently medically advising her.

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(character belongs to @menojuice on twitter)

Melvin doesn't get the hostility he usually experiences from other doctors from Johann, which is nice. His interest in odd conditions is piqued by whatever Johann has going on and he is only barely containing his curiosity.


how many horror movie tracks can you put on a playlist before it becomes a red flag


Trivia / extra facts

  • he's simultaneously pretty shameless about his medical sales scams and genuinely serious about medicine and being a doctor. As unlikely as it seems, he'll go to pretty extreme lengths for a patient if he feels like it's worthwhile. Melvin the salesman and Melvin the doctor seem to almost be two different entities.
  • Seems to welcome and get a kick out of his bad reputation rather than challenge it?
  • He has good people skills when it comes to making sales, but he isn't very good with being delicate with the feelings of others, even when he really tries to be.
  • He's blunt when it comes to important things, but he does just. enjoy lying to people as a joke. he thinks making things up is funny
  • Has an open distaste for relying on magic for what can be done through natural means, especially when it comes to medicine.


GENDER, PRONOUNS male, he/him
AGE 27
TIME PERIOD Victorian era
Class Rogue
Occupation Doctor/Medical Salesman


FULL NAME - Dr. Melvin P. Morton
ALSO CALLED- Melvin the Mortician, Melvin Malpractice, and other Mean Names. Sad...

An odd medical salesman and travelling doctor, peddling 'naturally made' remedies of... varying legitimacy.

He never stays in the same place for very long, and a bad reputation follows him wherever he goes. Like any rumor, the things people say about him vary in accuracy, but the scorn other medical professionals have for him seems to mostly concern his conduct. He's known most charitably as sort of a last resort-- The only doctor willing to handle certain illnesses or attempt unconventional treatments, and a back-alley surgeon for those who can't afford more 'official' treatment.

Melvin cheerily embraces his reputation with a sense of humor about it. Some people might call him shameless, but he prefers to consider himself honest.

Has recently found himself stranded in Barovia, and while he certainly doesn't enjoy it there, he doesn't seem to have a home he's eager to get back to.