appearance / design notes

true form

back fur patterns

human form

  • He's a death's head hawkmoth as a demon, and his 'fur' patterns and colorations are pretty accurate to the real thing.
  • I draw him with either 2 or 4 arms as a moth. whichever feels best.
  • wears his human clothes in both forms.
  • hands have only two fingers & a thumb as a demon.
  • his wings lie flat and folded against his back when at rest. he can spread them, but they spread 'out' and not 'up' like a real moth's wings.
  • bleached-blonde hair as a human.
  • he has tattoos as a human that i will have to draw eventually.
  • Always wears sunglasses as a human if he's out in the daytime

art gallery

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Best friend
Osiris's best friend. Osiris's only friend, probably?

Most other demons don't understand somebody of his status being so close to such a weaker demon, or why he lets her boss him around and involve him in her schemes. The answer is simple, he just genuinely likes her. He's the more responsible one, but he generally only stops Bailey from doing what she wants if he thinks she'll get herself hurt. Otherwise, he's pretty content to let her take the lead.



Trivia / extra facts

  • Keeping himself contained to a weak human form is pretty exhausting. As a result, as a 'human', Osiris does things like eating and sleeping that shouldn't be necessary. He lies about doing this just because he feels like it, to keep Bailey from knowing about how much effort staying on earth actually requires.
  • Speaking of sleeping, he is largely nocturnal even when he's on earth. He canbe awake during the daytime, but doesn't prefer it. He wears sunglasses because he's pretty sensitive to light.
  • Unlike most demons, he doesn't have disdain for humans. He feels a sort of affectionate fascination with them.
  • He's able to transform himself physically pretty easily (aside from the strain of it) but hasn't quite nailed acting the way humans do. He's working on things like social nuances.


GENDER, PRONOUNS male, he/him
AGE many demon years...??? adult
OCCUPATIONS musician, beekeeper


A high-ranking demon who spends his time on Earth disguised as a human, because his best friend convinced him it would be funny.

Osiris is very calm and straightforward, the sort of demeanor one would expect from a powerful being as old as he is. People don't expect that under his deadpan exterior, he has a sense of humor and a reckless streak he's indulging after spending centuries taking his role seriously. As opposed to Bailey, who is on earth mostly to antagonize, Osiris's interest in humans is more adjacent to fascination and in the interest of studying them.