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  • hair reaches just past his chest and is usually a bit unkempt-- think perpetual bedhead...
  • wears his glasses mostly for at work... but he's usually working, so he's usually wearing them.
  • always wearing his shawl, or something else warm (he gets cold easily)
  • very pale and has faint dark circles. he doesn't get a lot of sunlight.
  • very withdrawn body language.

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(character belongs to @menojuice on twitter)

Quartz's company-assigned bodyguard. Their relationship is a bit... tense. Although Quartz is technically his superior, he finds Dolly too intimidating to boss around for the most part... Still, he tolerates an uncharacteristic amount of familiarity and physical contact from Dolly, and seems reluctant to use his powers on him. Even if they occasionally needle Dolly into arguments, it seems Dolly is the only person Quartz really tries to be nice to.



Trivia / extra facts

  • Since his powers leave him accident-prone and unable to physically defend himself well, he was assigned a personal bodyguard. Now he spends most of his time being shadowed by somebody he's kind of terrified of... but being carried around by a hunk if you pass out isn't terrible?
  • Although he's usually a terrible person to other humans, Quartz is very kind to his own and other people's pokemon. Psychic-types that aren't his own seem a bit wary of him, but other Pokemon are generally drawn to him.
  • He seems to be frustrated with the lack of control he has over his abilities. And as much as he uses it to his advantage in manipulation, lacking physical strength seems to bother him as well.
  • Their office is very comfortably furnished. More like a bedroom than a real office...
  • Maybe there's a good heart in there somewhere. Somewhere under all that... slime?
  • He has always been very withdrawn from other people, and doesn't consider himself able to form genuine and honest relationships.


AGE 27
OCCUPATION 'Hypnotherapist'


An administrator of a psychic-type villain team that masquerades itself as a lifestyle/wellness company. His public persona is that of a harmless (& at times helpless) sweet hypnotherapist who uses his abilities to strengthen the bonds between trainers and their pokemon. In reality, Quartz is manipulative and calculating, and very much aware of the bad deeds he contributes to.

Quartz has had strong psychic abilities since he was a child, and as an admin, uses his powers to brainwash and mind-control. His psychic abilities leave him exhausted and prone to fainting spells, however, so he very rarely leaves his team's facility.

He also has the ability of precognitive visions, but he considers this more of a burden-- his visions of the future are too vague to be of any use generally, and he has no control over when they come to him.

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