appearance / design notes

  • four arms!
  • the sides of their mouth hide a pair of mandibles and set of sharp teeth.
  • the three objects floating around their head are actually tiny orbiting moons, a symbol of their royal status.
  • titania has no nose. Yes I know there is a nose in one of these drawings I dont want to talk about it
  • no set outfit; they love shopping and dressing up, so they can be drawn in anything fashionable really. They prefer wearing white.

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AGE adult
SPECIES / RACE insect alien (mantis)


Royalty of a powerful kingdom of notoriously violent aliens. Titania was to be crowned as an important monarch on her home planet, but had zero interest in the boring life and responsibilities of a royal. After an argument with their parents, they ran away from home. Now they live a carefree life of space-hitchhiking, bouncing from planet to planet with no goals beyond having fun.

Titania's current favorite planet is earth. If it were any other member of his species, he'd have seized control of the planet or at least gone on a spree of violence... but luckily for everyone on earth, Titania thinks humans are too cute to eat and too fun to decimate. Their capability of violence is outdone by their bubbly personality, dislike for hard work and reluctance to get themselves dirty.