appearance / design notes

  • hair goes down to about his shoulders.
  • default expression is a smile! only not smiling if he's caught off guard or particularly upset.
  • always letting off little sparks of electricity.
  • his body and weather powers are reactive to the mood he's in.
  • specific shirt pattern isn't really important! any sort of vibrant mod style fabric pattern works.
  • the loose hair on the side of his forehead is lightning bolt shaped :]
  • the mark on his face is a lichtenberg figure scar (lightning strike scar). extends over most of the upper left side of his body.
  • grey streak on his left side.
  • has stubble but in more of a 'keeps forgetting to shave' way than 'consciously growing a beard' way

art gallery

a lot of this is just the sketches i make while playing...




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the light of his life! He might be a fuck-up in every other personal relationship, but he does the best he can to be a great dad :). Because of his own unhappy childhood, he's very serious about making sure Bonnie is happy, loved and cared for.
(ex) wife
(art by @sabelaberry on twitter)

His ex-wife. Still legally married, but they're... separated. He obviously still cares about her quite a bit.
Party member
(belongs to @awfulwizard on twitter)

(belongs to @menojuice on twitter)

'it's complicated' is putting it VERY mildly.

These two were apparently very close friends and coworkers before Valdés left his former career. That is clearly no longer the case, but good luck getting a straight answer out of him as to why he's so antagonistic towards somebody who used to be his best friend.

(belongs to @sabelaberry on twitter)

Despite the... circumstances of his employment and their involvement, he's surprisingly friendly with her and willing to stay on her good side. getting a good grade in being forced into the mob, something normal to want and possible to achieve,
(art by @sabelaberry on twitter)

fretful dads with half-elf children they miss and are worried about will see an unattended elf child living in squalor and be like Is anyone going to mother hen this kid they just met and not wait for an answer

Maybe Valdés is projecting a little bit, but he's pretty forgiving of their behavior, even when it's been putting the entire party into nightmare scenarios.

(art by @sabelaberry on twitter)

Valdés feels like they'd get along great under better circumstances. Unfortunately, Hespith has zeroed in on the fact that it's very easy to stress him out.


main playlist

playlist about his divorce. because i'm normal.


Trivia / extra facts

  • He holds a doctorate in Mathematics. While still involved in the academic world and working in the government, he developed a means of quantifying magic as data. Watching his life's work be used for unintended purposes seems to have left him incredibly jaded.
  • he isn't just an asshole who wears shades indoors and at night; they're prescription (his vision is terrible) and the tint is to hide that glowing eye of his.
  • Valdés is actually his last name. His first name is Cariño, but he doesn't let anyone besides his family and his ex call him that.
  • he likes to collect lucky items and charms to a near compulsive degree. his pockets are always full of random knicknacks and things he's picked up.
  • he believes very strongly in the metaphysical and supernatural. guys with phds who genuinely believe vibes are real
  • he's got an impulsive streak, and has a bad habit of talking and doing things before he thinks.
  • also has a habit of provoking people? you talk a lot of shit for a guy with 20 hp


GENDER, PRONOUNS male, he/him
AGE 35
SPECIES / RACE Storm/Electricity Genasi
TIME PERIOD mid 20th century (60s)
Class Wizard
Occupation Gambler, former mathematician


A deeply superstitious professional gambler with an unnatural winning streak. Valdés is rather fixated on 'luck' and carries himself with the self assuredness of somebody who can't lose... despite the fact that he is currently stricken with a curse, stuck rigging games for the mob, and his winning streak has very little at all to do with luck.

Before his current employment, Valdés was a mathematician working for the government. His career was cut short by a freak workplace accident, and he used this incident as an opportunity to drastically reinvent himself and cut as many ties with his old life as possible.

He may give off the impression of being laid back and carefree initially, but it becomes pretty evident the second he's under any stress that he is in fact incredibly easy to wind up.