hi welcome to my god damn personality quiz. the test version at least? this isn't final i just want to make sure it works. best viewed on a desktop computer and requires javascript (turn your script blockers off if it doesn't work I promise it wont blow your computer up)

answer my funny riddles and i'll diagnose you with one of my ocs OK?
QUESTION 1 - What is your ideal weather?
I'm a bit sensitive to both the cold and the heat... I honestly don't like being outdoors very much. Ideally, I'm inside.
I like summer the best! Well, except for the bugs.
I like sweater weather.
Nice mild weather you can go for a walk in, especially right after it rains on a sunny day.
I like when it's cold. I find heat a bit miserable.
I like storms. Loud ones, with thunder that shakes your whole body.
QUESTION 2- do you hold grudges?
Yes, but I don't think it's productive to act on it, since what goes around comes around. I believe they'll get what's coming to them eventually, so there's no need for me to be hung up on it.
It depends on what they did, and I think I have pretty good judgement. I'm understanding, but there's a line.
I'm an actively vindictive person. If I feel I've been slighted, I get back at whoever did it until i'm satisfied that we're even..
Honestly i get over stuff pretty quickly after getting the complaining out of my system. I'm too forgetful to hold grudges!
No. I have a hard time being mad at people, even when they've done things I should be mad about... I usually end up justifying their actions to myself.
who doesn't? I don't think anybody's above having a little private shitlist, even if it's just thinking somebody is kind of annoying.
QUESTION 3- Choose a novelty pin.

QUESTION 4 - do you get stressed out easily? how do you manage stress?
No? being stressed out is a waste of time. if you have a problem literally just handle it and you won't have one anymore.
stress isn't healthy, you know! I'm really in tune with myself-- if i catch myself feeling overwhelmed, I know it's time to step back and recharge.
I'm not the best at attending to myself personally... I often don't realize when things are getting to me. Of course I get stressed out, but I have too much going on to really sit down and focus on it.
I don't worry about things... and that's kind of a problem, honestly. I'm a little bit too lax about issues... it's hard for me to take stuff seriously and worry about things, even when I should.
I seem like I'm easygoing and things don't get to me, but internally, I'm a pressure cooker. I let things go and keep up appearances of having my shit together until it builds up enough to be a problem.
Stress is my default state of being. there is no 'managing' it for me. i'm at the mercy of my anxiety and it greatly stifles most aspects my life.
QUESTION 5- Do you think you're a good person?
Yeah, i think so. We all do bad things sometimes without meaning to, but I consciously try being good as much as possible.
Nope. I'm terrible. I don't mean that in a self-deprecating way, either. I like being fucked up!
I really don't cause problems for anyone, but for some reason I find myself feeling really guilty about my actions anyways...??? I believe I'm not good, even though I have no reason to.
I really don't care what other people think of me as a person enough to pay much mind to this sort of thing. I'm too complex to be fitted into such narrow categories as 'good vs bad'.
No, but I don't think anybody is a 'good' person, really. I don't think it's worthwhile to think about people in terms of goodness and badness. We're all flawed, just try not to be shitty.
i'm great. i'm enchanting. i have done nothing wrong ever, and everyone loves me.
QUESTION 6- do you believe in the supernatural?
No... sorry, I just think believing in that sorta thing is kind of childish? horror movies are fun, but I don't think they're real or anything like that.
Of course! It's narrow-minded to think there aren't things that exist beyond human perception and that things don't exist unless you can 'prove' it. I'm very superstitious.
Sort of?? I believe in the weird more than the supernatural. Sometimes weird things happen or exist, but I think they can usually be explained with practical answers.
Absolutely. Things like ghost stories and monster stories wouldn't exist if they weren't based on something... why would people have a fear response to these sorts of things if it weren't grounded in some reality?
If by 'believe in' you mean 'deathly afraid of', then yes. I hate ghost stories and things like that!
not only do I believe in the supernatural, I am a supernatural ENTHUSIAST.
QUESTION 7- do you like kids?
kids make me nervous! i don't like being in charge of them because I worry something will happen.
children are delighted by me and my sense of whimsy.
no. ew. they're gross and unpleasant and shouldn't be in public where others have to deal with them.
i'm great with kids, and they usually like me. I find it easy to get on their level and talk to them.
I can babysit, but kids don't find me very fun... I just don't know how to talk to them?
sure. I'm like a cool aunt/uncle or fun weird cousin, but don't expect me to do parenting stuff. I'm not responsible enough for all that!
QUESTION 8- do you collect things?
I collect things of sentimental value.
No, but mostly because it's kind of impractical? i don't really have anywhere to put a collection, and i don't like clutter.
i don't really have specific enough interests to collect stuff.
I have a curated collection based on my interests. walking into my room is like getting introduced to me and what I'm into.
I collect cute things!
yes, but not with any specific theme. I just like having weird little objects and fun knicknacks... some people would probably call it 'random junk', but it's not junk to me!!!
QUESTION 9 - Describe your ideal partner.
i wouldn't say I'm shallow, but I tend to fall for appearances first. I'd like somebody who immediately catches my eye and draws me in visually and has a personality to match when we're properly introduced.
I really can't say... being romantically involved with somebody doesn't really occur to me unless somebody approaches me first?
I have to know somebody very well to really fall for them. I like taking it slow, and I have to feel like I really get you to be attracted to you.
somebody I can talk to. whether it's holding a deep conversation about something, or being able to open up to them and say what's on my mind without feeling uncomfortable or judged.
Somebody fun and exciting who makes every day feel special and spontaneous! I hate being bored in relationships.
I have a very, very specific 'type' that I always go for that makes my friends roll their eyes... I'm really predictable and I know what I like, dont @ me